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2014-15 NABC Board of Directors

Page Moir, President (Roanoke College)

Ron Hunter, First Vice President (Georgia State University)

Jeff Jones, Second Vice President (Old Dominion University)

Paul Hewitt, Third Vice President (George Mason University)

Bo Ryan, Fourth Vice President (University of Wisconsin)

Larry Gipson, 2012-13 Past President (Northeastern State University)

Phil Martelli, 2013-14 Past President (Saint Joseph's University)

Bill Self, Director (University of Kansas)

Charlie Brock, Director (Springfield College)

Lorenzo Romar, Director (University of Washington)

Mike Brey, Director (University of Notre Dame)

Gary Stewart, Director (Stevenson University)

Trent Johnson, Director (Texas Christian University)

Lennie Acuff, Director (University of Alabama in Huntsville)

Mark Gottfried, Director (North Carolina State University)

Cy Alexander, Director (North Carolina A&T University)

Jamie Dixon, Director (University of Pittsburgh)

Johnny Dawkins, Director (Stanford University)

John Calipari, Director, (University of Kentucky)

John Thompson III, Director (Georgetown University)

Matt Margenthaler, Director (Minnesota State University, Mankato)

Sean Miller, Director (University of Arizona)

Jim Boeheim, Director (Syracuse University)

Bob Burchard, Director (Columbia (MO) College)

Dave Archer, Director (National High School Basketball Coaches Association)


NABC Board of Directors Ex-Officio Members

Jim Haney, NABC Executive Director

Reggie Minton, NABC Deputy Executive Director

Brian Welch, CPA, Welch and Associates, LLC

Dennis Coleman, NABC General Counsel, Ropes and Gray LLP (Boston, MA)

Daniel B. Adams, NABC General Counsel, Ropes & Gray LLP (Boston, MA)

Rick Leddy, Board Secretary, NABC Senior Director of Communications 

Board Consultants

Rick Jones, CEO of Fishbait Marketing

David Berst, NCAA Vice President, Division I

Dan Gavitt, NCAA Vice President for Men's Basketball