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NABC Insider: David Hastings

NABC Insider: David Hastings

NABC Insider goes one-on-one with basketball coaches and administrators at every level of the sport. Today's feature is Keene State associate head coach David Hastings.

Why did you become a coach?

My love of the game and desire to teach the game young people. I am very big on the idea of giving back to the community.” 


What personal experiences – on or off the court – have had the biggest impact on you as a coach?

The relationships I develop with players go well beyond basketball. Observing my former players become successful community members is the most satisfying feeling in the world. Winning on the court is always a memorable moment, but I want my teams to be remembered as a group that played the hardest in the most respectful manner.” 


Describe the transition from longtime high school coach to the college level. How did you prepare to make the jump?

“Stepping back from a head coaching position is not an easy transition. Teaching in a different format and to different learning styles due to the players’ ages was a learning curve. The best preparation was the number of years I had attended numerous college practices and observed and learned of many veteran college coaches.” 


How do you interact with your student-athletes off the court? What role do you play in their lives? 

“You’re not only a coach, but you will be a trusted mentor and role model for them. Players should feel comfortable to call you for any reason, from being homesick, partner issues, stress or even more serious situations.” 


What is your ultimate career goal?

“Being 56 years old, the last bucket list goals I have are to be a college head coach and to coach in the national championship game.” 


What resources do you utilize to develop professionally?

Other than meeting other coaches and exchanging ideas, most everything can be found online. I travel to speak at clinics and listen to the other coaches speaking as well.  I have a fairly large collection of basketball materials due to the years I have been involved. As a young coach, I attended as many clinics as possible.” 


What is the first piece of advice you would give to an aspiring coach?

“Observe and listen to as many different coaches as you can. Take what you like from each one and develop your own personality. Always be willing to take input from your staff, and remember to be humble.”