Reading and Math Program


Thank you for your interest and request for information regarding the NABC Reading and Math Program. On this page are the models for each program targeted towards elementary aged children. Please use this as your model program and modify where necessary according to your needs.

This program targets first, second, and third graders. To maximize your team's effort and time we have created this typical scenario for you to consider and/or follow.


note: Math program guidelines are contained in this PDF file.

NABC Math Program PDF

  • 1. Arrange to visit one or two schools.
  • 2. Divide your team into two groups. (12 players= 2 groups of 6 players)
  • 3. Pair each group of players to three groups of two players.
  • 4. At school A, each group would visit two classrooms apiece for approximately 45-minutes each.
  • 5. At school B, each group would visit two classrooms apiece for approximately 45-minutes each. In this short period of time, players and coaches will have the opportunity to influence approximately 250-300 elementary aged school children.

You can now download the "Reading with the NABC" packet for your use when organizing your reading event. This packet contains the following: Introduction letter; sample agendas; sample reading list; sample press release and a copy of the certificate that can be copied and distributed to participating elementary students.

NABC Reading Program in PDF Format Get Acrobat Reader

NABC Reading Program Certificate in PDF Format Get Acrobat Reader

This Packet Contains: 1. A sample letter to use to communicate with the principals of the elementary schools you target for your visit. 2. The activities that should take place while in the classroom. 3. A sample schedule of what your athletes should be doing while in the classrooms. 4. A sample certificate that could be signed by each player and coaching staff prior to making copies (please make extra copies to ensure that each student receives a certificate). Note: Show certificates to the class prior to leaving and then give them to the teacher who will insert names and distribute to the students. 5. A sample reading list. Note: Teachers will usually supply you with a reading list if requested. 6. A sample news release for the use of your sports information department.

The NABC would like to thank you in advance for participating. Please email any photos of your visits to Rick Leddy in JPEG format to Please label all photos with the information concerning the school visited, your institutions name, names of players and coaches involved, and dates. Also, please make note if you would like materials returned.

For further information we may be found on the web at If you have questions or concerns please contact Rick Leddy at (203) 239-4253.


In-Classroom Agenda

1. Athlete/ Reader Introductions - Name, Hometown, High School, Major and favorite book.

2. Icebreaker Conversation - Discuss favorite activities as a child, importance of reading, items/books they currently enjoy reading, everyday ways to improve reading skills - newspapers, magazines, Internet.

3. Read Aloud to Class - Teacher selects book to be read.

4. Reading Related Activity - Teacher selects activity.

5. Question and Answer Period - Students can ask questions of readers.

6. Closing Words of Encouragement - Importance of reading and reading for pleasure, importance of education and work ethic, importance of listening, and importance of good health and staying away from drugs.

7. Distribute Collateral - Certificates of participation, posters, bookmarks, reading lists, etc.


Suggested Schedule

12:30-12:40 pm - Athlete/ Reader Introductions and Icebreaker Conversation

12:40-12:55 pm - Read Aloud to Class

12:55-1:10 pm - Reading Activity

1:10-1:15 pm - Closing Words of Encouragement

1:15 pm - Distribute Collateral

Change Classrooms

1:30-1:40 pm - Athlete/ Reader Introductions and Icebreaker Conversation

1:40-1:55 pm - Read Aloud to Class

1:55- 2:10 pm - Reading Activity

2:10-2:15 pm - Closing Words of Encouragement

2:15 pm - Distribute Collateral