WBCA-NABC Coaches Forum - Presented by Marriott Bonvoy

WBCA-NABC Coaches Forums feature panels of men’s and women’s basketball leaders discussing current issues impacting the sport.


Media Engagement

Engagement with the media is an important job component for coaches at all levels of basketball. How can coaches and media develop mutually beneficial relationships? How should coaches prepare for interviews and other media appearances? How can coaches in small media markets still effectively promote their programs?

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Mental Health Support

Mental wellbeing has become an increasing priority in recent years throughout society, including on college campuses and in college athletics. How can coaches support and advocate for the mental health of their players while also valuing their own personal wellbeing?

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Growth Through Mentorship

Mentorship is a crucial element of professional development and personal growth. How can coaches build valuable mentor-mentee relationships? How can experienced coaches invest in the next generation as mentors? How can young coaches take advantage of mentoring opportunities?

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The New NIL Frontier

College athletics is now more than a month into the era of name, image and likeness opportunities for student-athletes. How are coaches approaching NIL on campus and in their locker rooms? What are some best practices that have been identified since the rollout?

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Gender Equity in College Basketball

From highly-publicized incidents of gender disparity in the 2021 college basketball postseason to the launch of an independent review of NCAA championship operations, the topic of gender equity has come to the forefront of college basketball. In this WBCA-NABC Coaches Forum, learn how specific inequalities are currently being addressed and how women’s and men’s programs can support and advocate for one another on campus.

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Voter Engagement

Voter registration and turnout historically lag for our nation’s younger Millennial and Gen Z populations – including student-athletes. In this WBCA-NABC Coaches Forum, learn about the efforts being taken by the WBCA and NABC to increase student-athlete voter engagement and how coaches can support this movement.

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Navigating the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented basketball programs with numerous operational challenges, including access to testing, managing contact tracing and quarantining, team travel and practice logistics. In this WBCA-NABC Coaches Forum, learn how programs can best position themselves to provide meaningful experiences for student-athletes while also prioritizing health and safety.

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Increasing Diversity in Coaching

Achieving diversity in college basketball coaching positions remains a challenge for the industry. In this WBCA-NABC Coaches Forum, learn about the barriers coaches of color face when attempting to advance their careers, and how administrators can develop policies and procedures that support diversity in their athletic departments.

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Navigating the Pandemic Part II

With college basketball season now underway, programs are navigating numerous challenges and unique circumstances due to COVID-19, including modified practices, travel, game management and contact tracing protocols. In this WBCA-NABC Coaches Forum, learn from coaches at the Division I, Division II and NAIA levels on how programs can continue to foster a healthy and safe environment while completing a successful season.

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