NABC Convention In Conjunction With (ICW) Events


The NABC allows affiliated organizations to meet and host various functions throughout the 2024 NABC Convention, which will be held in Phoenix, AZ on April 4-8, 2024.  Such ICW events are subject to NABC scheduling and availability, and may require rental or administration fees.


What is an ICW event? 

An ICW is any event affecting NABC Convention attendees that is outside the official NABC Convention program.  These events include, but are not limited to:  

  • Conference meetings 
  • Social events/dinners 
  • Philanthropy 


In general, the following activities are not permitted:  

  • Distribution of promotional material (room drops) 
  • Filming outside of the assigned space 
  • Satellite clinics 
  • Public ticket sales 


How do I request meeting space? 

All organizations and individuals seeking meeting space must submit an ICW Event form and receive NABC written approval prior to promotion and implementation of the ICW Event.  The ICW Event contact may be required to submit a copy of the brochure, invitation, agenda or other material prior to approval.  The NABC will accept submissions of the ICW Event form until February 9, 2024. The ICW Event form is available below. 

The NABC must review and approve any ICW event involving NABC attendees during the inclusive dates of the Convention. The NABC will review and approve or deny the ICW event form within in 15 days of submission.   

The ICW event contact is responsible for all costs associated with the approved ICW event (e.g., food and beverage, audio visual room set change fees, staffing fees, etc.). 



ICW events that target the attendance of a certain coaching demographic (e.g., Division I Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, etc.) may not take place during the NABC-scheduled divisional meeting of that demographic. The NABC meeting schedule can be found here. Furthermore, the NABC will not schedule any ICW events during designated peak Convention programming hours. 



ICW Event Logistics and Promotion 

Guidelines for ICW Event logistics and promotion are as follows: 

  • No public events 
  • No fundraising or ticket sales for the event 
  • No multi-day or consecutive events. 
  • Events must not exceed 2 hours 
  • Promotional materials (e.g., announcements, invitations, publicity, on-site materials, signage) must not imply the event is part of the official NABC Convention activities or endorsed by the NABC 
  • Use of NABC logo is prohibited on any ICW promotional materials 
  • Signage is permitted directly outside the meeting room one hour prior to the event and must be removed immediately following the event 
  • Signage is not permitted in the hotel lobby or public area 
  • Directional signage is not permitted 
  • No sponsorship visibility outside of room 
  • Registration/welcome tables are permitted inside the meeting room only 
  • Any direct costs associated with the ICW event including, but not limited to, food and beverage, audio visual equipment and labor, internet, meeting set change fees, etc., are the responsibility of the participating organization or individual 
  • All building exclusivities must be adhered to, including but not limited to, catering, drayage, exhibitor services, internet provider, etc. 


By requesting event space, you agree to abide by all rules and guidelines above. 



Please be specific if the target audience is a defined group of coaches (i.e. Division I, assistants, high school, retired, all coaches).