NABC Convention - Media



The NABC accepts NABC Convention media credential applications from eligible media based on guidelines outlined below. Credentialed media are expected to comply with all terms and conditions placed on credential approval. Credential approval decisions are at the discretion of NABC staff.


Eligible Media

NABC Convention credentials may be issued to working members of the media only, including those in print, digital, television, radio, photography, and videography. Credentials will be assigned only to media outlets that are a legally established entity and that regularly cover college or amateur basketball.


Miscellaneous Eligibility Policies

  • Freelance reporters, photographers or videographers will not be credentialed unless they are working under a specific assignment for an established media outlet. The NABC may request confirmation of the freelance assignment from a representative of the media outlet.
  • Credentials will not be assigned for the sole purpose of personal social media content, personal podcasts, personal content portfolios, or any other personal use.
  • Having been credentialed for a previous NABC Convention or other NABC event does not automatically qualify an outlet or individual for credentials.
  • Membership in a writers’ or broadcasters’ association (i.e. USBWA) does not automatically qualify an agency for credentials.


Terms and Conditions of Credential Use

  • Credentialed media are only permitted to access the main NABC Convention exhibit hall, including the NABC Marketplace and Center Court.
  • Credentialed media are prohibited from accessing any NABC Convention meeting room, divisional meeting, committee meeting, or other private event.
  • Credentialed media are prohibited from capturing and/or distributing any video footage from any NABC Convention events or programs.
  • Credentialed media are not permitted to set up a permanent presence (i.e. stationary camera, camera backdrop, podcast recording table, etc.) inside the NABC Convention footprint without prior approval from the NABC.
  • Credentialed media are not permitted to approach any NABC Convention attendee with interview requests. Interview requests for NABC executive staff must be made in advance through the NABC communications office. Interview requests for any other NABC member coach must be made in advance through the coach’s institutional communications office.
  • Credentials are non-transferable; any unauthorized transfer will result in loss of credential privileges with no exceptions.