NABC Mentor Circle: 2024-25 Mentor Application


This application is for interested Mentors only. The Mentee application can be found here.


Program Overview

The NABC Mentor Circle is structured to develop valuable coach-to-coach relationships. Through these mentor-mentee relationships, the NABC Mentor Circle strives to achieve the following goals:

  • Promote the growth of young coaches.
  • Increase the pool of qualified candidates.
  • Help both the mentor and mentee develop professionally and personally.
  • Offer less-experienced coaches an opportunity to learn from seasoned coaches.
  • Foster relationships among coaches across different generations and demographics.
  • Support the integrity of the coaching profession.


2024-25 Mentor Circle Timeline

NABC Mentor Circle participants are encouraged to follow this general timeline:

  • May-June 2024 | Mentor and mentee application window
  • July-Aug. 2024 | Mentor-mentee pairings finalized; Mentor Circle orientation webinar
  • Aug. 2024-March 2025 | Ongoing mentor-mentee communication; periodic Mentor Circle group Zoom gatherings
  • April 2025 |  Mentor Circle reception at 2025 NABC Convention


Mentor Expectations

Mentors are passionate about helping develop the next generation of coaches. Mentors must be willing to commit to making time to build relationships with their mentee; to be open and honest with personal experiences; and to be intentional in offering encouragement and tangible feedback. Mentors will be expected to schedule, at minimum, one phone call or video chat per month with their mentee, with additional text/messenger platform communication.