NABC Recognizes Coaches for Earning Professional Development Certification

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The NABC today publicly recognized the coaches who earned NABC Professional Development Series (PDS) certification at the recently-completed 2022 NABC Convention.


The PDS Clinic series is a comprehensive continuing education program for basketball coaches from all levels of the sport. The focus of the program is to help coaches develop both professionally and personally.


PDS Clinics are broken down into three categories: coaching development, personal development and ethics. To become NABC PDS-certified, coaches must have attended at least three coaching development clinics and two personal development or ethics clinics at the NABC Convention.


“Continuing education, both on and off the court, is central to the NABC’s mission,” said NABC Executive Director Craig Robinson. “The coaches who completed our PDS program at the NABC Convention showed a commitment to growing their skillset and expertise in all aspects of the profession, and we congratulate them on earning this certification.”


The following coaches earned PDS Certification at the 2022 NABC Convention:


Alexander Abbondola

Tiny Adams

Jordan Alexander

Jordan Bailey

Derrick Bails

Sidney Ball

Bryan Bartley

Nathan Bean

Adam Blake

Walter Bloom

Todd Blumen

Anthony Boone

Keir Bryan

Christopher Bryant

Erik Buggs

Scott Campbell

Justin Cardoza

Shayne Carey

Amanda Casale

Paul Chmura

Sean Clores

Sammy Coleman

Julious Coleman

John Cranford

Christien Crynes

Adaiah Curry

Michael Curry

Bruce Dick

Jared Drake

Jeff Drinkwine

Zachary Duffy

Scott Eaton

Adam Ellis

Chris Foss

William Foy

Tim Godley

Kiernan Gordon

Marwan Goubara

Hanley Green

Ozan Havuzlu

Kevin Hickey

David Howard

Tanner Huck

Robert Hutchings

Justin Ingram

Justin Jennings

Jerel Jernigan

Bryan Joel

James Johns

Michael Kelly

Bobby Kennen

Chris Kensy

Garrett Kensy

James Kingsley

Samuel Kirshenbaum

Mark Knight

Mikel Kosich

David Kroopnick

Robert Lane

David Leafblad

William Manning

Connor Markulec

Hossam Marquez

Conor McGuinness

Larry McKenzie

Rocky Moore

Troy Muilenburg

Darrick Mullins

Marshall Newman

Alan Peel

Travis Petrie

Josh Pierre

Jared Pile

Jarrod Plummer

Jeff Price

Tramaine Pride

Bobby Quayle

Brian Regan

William Reidy, Jr.

Quinton Rice

Pat Richardson

Kristie Robinson

Nicholas Robinson

Bruno Roca

Sean Rutigliano

Vitale Scappa

Jacob Schroeder

Kevin Scuilli

Hayden Sheridan

William Simon, Jr.

Malcolm Smith

Byron Starks

Bryant Stith

Fredrick Summers

Julian Swartz

Otto Taylor

Brandon Thorsen

Brandon Vanover

Richard Ward

Jay Welborn

Bonzi Wells

Howard White

Brock Widders

Dan Wilde

Kevin Williams

Robert Williams

Jonathan Wills

Hal Wilson

Drew Wilson

Raymond Zebro