The NABC Remembers Jerry Krause

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – NABC Executive Director Craig Robinson has released the following statement in remembrance of longtime basketball coach and contributor Jerry Krause, who passed away on Wednesday.


“Jerry Krause was an impactful coach, leader, and educator throughout his life. Though he often operated behind the scenes, he was a giant in our game. Following a successful coaching tenure, Jerry remained integral to the NABC and college basketball at large through his roles on prominent committees, among them the NABC Board of Directors and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules Committee. His induction last fall into the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame was a fitting recognition of his pioneering contributions to coaching research, education, and analytics. I’m thankful for having had the privilege of working with Jerry, and on behalf of the NABC, I offer my sincere condolences to his loved ones and the countless coaches whose lives he touched.”